Vanquish- What Do The Experts Say?

Vanquish fat reduction has been shown in clinical studies to reduce “belly” fat by 2-4 inches. Vanquish procedures are able to reduce unwanted abdominal fat by eliminating up to 59% of the targeted fat cells. Vanquish is not painful, and does not require anesthesia. Vanquish is more advanced than other non-invasive fat reduction procedures, it is less expensive and has less side effects than other procedures too. Vanquish also appears to destroy more fat per treatment than other non-invasive fat reduction procedures.

vanquish procedure

What The Experts Say About Vanquish Fat Removal

Dr. David McDaniel, Assistant Professor of Clinical Dermatology at Eastern Virginia Medical School: ” I’ve been doing this for 30 years and most advances have been little baby steps. This is a big technological breakthrough “.

Dr. Robert Weiss, Assistant Professor of Dermatology at John Hopkins Hospital: ” This is a real game changer, it’s the safest way to remove fat “.
Dr. Patricia Wexler, New York Dermatologist: ” It’s great for people who are in great shape. within 5-10 per cent of their ideal weight and don’t want to go through surgery “.

Dr.’s Marilyn Berzin and Dale Isaacson: ” It is is very exciting technology “. Liz a patient states: ” I saw results right away, but they weren’t dramatic, the results were more dramatic with each additional treatment “. Dr. Isaacson: ” you’ll get at least an inch, but I’ve seen an average of 2.5 to3.5 inches lost in those receiving four treatments “.

Dr. Nicholas Sieveking, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon: ” this technology is exciting because it has been created to successfully eliminate a larger amount of fat than any other non-surgical fat reduction technology before it “.

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Vanquish’s unique design allows treatment of large areas at one time. This larger treatment area helps to speed up treatment time and make fat reduction treatments convenient and simple for patients looking to reduce fat bulges in the front and back of the abdomen and the buttock. Patients may see results as quickly as after their first treatment.

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