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8 09, 2014

Vanquish Treatment Doctors Opinions

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Vanquish- What Do The Experts Say? Vanquish fat reduction has been shown in clinical studies to reduce “belly” fat by 2-4 inches. Vanquish procedures are able to reduce unwanted abdominal fat by eliminating up to 59% of the targeted fat cells. Vanquish is not painful, and does not require anesthesia. Vanquish is more advanced than other non-invasive [...]

2 09, 2014

Facts About Vanquish Fat Reduction

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Vanquish Fat Reduction Vanquish Fat Reduction is a new state of the art, non-invasive fat removal and fat reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat using safe RF technology to destroy the fat cells. Vanquish fat reduction heats the fat cells in the abdomen without harming the skin or surrounding muscle. Vanquish is for women and men [...]