Get Skinny With Vanquish Procedure

Looking to get rid of fat in your midsection without having to have a single incision or sweating it out at the gym? A new technology, Vanquish™, may just fit the bill.

What is the Vanquish Fat Removal System?

Vanquish is a new, non-invasive, no-touch deep-tissue heating procedure that uses radio frequency energy technology to help destroy your fat cells and slim your waistline.

Is the Vanquish approved by a government agency?

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has approved the Vanquish for deep tissues heating.
What does a Vanquish treatment entail?

You will lay on your back under an apparatus with adjustable panels. These panels are targeted on the problem areas, the abdomen and flanks, also known as love handles or muffin top.

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How does the Vanquish Fat Removal System work?

The Vanquish system heats your skin with radiofrequency to 100°F (40-41°C) and the underlying fat to 120°F (44-45°C). The fat cells rupture from the heat and then die in a process known as apoptosis. The dead fat cells are then removed by your immune system.

Which areas of the body can Vanquish system treat?

The Vanquish system is approved for use on the abdomen and flanks. The areas are treated simultaneously.

Does the Vanquish system require anesthesia?

Unlike liposuction, the Vanquish system does not require any type of anesthesia (local or general). It is pain-free and no-touch.

Does the Vanquish system require incisions?

No incisions are necessary with the Vanquish system.

How many Vanquish system treatments are required for the best results?

Four sessions are recommended to obtain the best results.

How many treatments does it take to see results with the Vanquish system?

Results can be seen after the first treatment, however four treatments are necessary for the full effect.

How much is the fat layer reduced by the Vanquish system?

In a study done on pigs, a final 70 percent reduction of the abdominal fat layer was seen in the treated areas. An ultrasound study done in the treated areas revealed a reduction of the fat layer from 7.6 to 2.9 mm.

How long is each treatment?

Each treatment is approximately 30 minutes. The actual time may vary depending on how quickly your skin reaches the designated temperature limits.

How far apart are the treatments?

The treatments are one week apart.

What does the treatment feel like?

The sensation during treatment is said to be a feeling of warmth, similar to standing near a radiator or heater.

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