Vanquish Fat Reduction

Vanquish fat reduction Delray Beach 3Vanquish Fat Reduction is a new state of the art, non-invasive fat removal and fat reduction procedure that eliminates unwanted “belly” fat using safe RF technology to destroy the fat cells.

Vanquish fat reduction heats the fat cells in the abdomen without harming the skin or surrounding muscle. Vanquish is for women and men who are having trouble losing those last few inches of fat around their stomach.

Vanquish fat removal system can help you eliminate fat fast.

Vanquish can eliminate fat without the “side effects” associated with Liposuction or Gastric Bypass. This new procedure does not require anesthesia or the risk, since Vanquish is non-invasive there is no risk of infection or downtime.

The Vanquish procedure takes 30 minutes, you can return to work immediately without interrupting your personal or professional lifestyle. Our doctors recommend 4 treatments to enjoy the maximum benefits.

Vanquish has minimal side effects, these may include redness of the skin and a slight warm sensation at the treatment site, there has been no reported pain following the procedure.

The Vanquish Fat Removal Advantage

Vanquish treatments cover larger areas in half the time of Cool Sculpting™ technology.

Vanquish is less expensive than other non-invasive procedures.

Vanquish fat removal is no-touch and non-invasive unlike other fat reduction procedures.

Vanquish treatments only take 30 minutes and require no restrictions or limitations before or after the procedure.

Getting The Most From Your Vanquish Fat Reduction Treatments

• Hydration is the key for best Vanquish results.
Ask Dr. Balshi if you are a candidate for a 45 minute treatment.
• Mild exercise after a Vanquish treatment can help eliminate the fat.

How should I prepare for treatment?

Patients should dress in lightweight, comfortable clothing or layers during colder weather. Because body temperature will increase during treatment, you may be more comfortable in a short sleeved or sleeveless top. We also advise patients to be well hydrated the day before treatment and the day of treatment. Drink one liter or 8 glasses of water the day before treatment, the day of treatment and two days following treatment.

Will there be any recovery time?

You can resume your normal activities after treatment, but it is advisable that you drink extra water.

How soon will I see results?

Some patients may begin to see results after their first treatment. However most patients typically report the greatest improvement within a few weeks after their last treatment.

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