Get Your Desired Shape With Body Contouring

Most often it’s the ladies who wish to get their body toned up and fit enough, but lately males are catching up real fast as body contouring is catching on like wildfire. They tend to follow any given method to get their body in desired shape. Although there are a few ways to get body contouring done yet people are not fully convinced which one is the best. Getting the body the shape that you want is not that easy and methods like Liposuction and Liposculpture are used by the surgeons. Let’s discuss the best possible body contouring methods and a our fantastic new alternative VANQUISH®.

What Is Body Contouring?

People often assume that it is something similar to a surgical weight reduction plan, but that is not the case. This is a method used to aesthetically mold the body while giving it proportional figure as per the wish of the individual. The major difference from a regular fat reduction program is that the part that is targeted which has stubborn fat content that won’t go is targeted exclusively, especially the belly and waist area.. People who are tired of trying to remove accumulated fat from certain areas, like buttocks and abdomen, despite proper diet and exercise normally opt for body contouring. The common target areas for such a procedure include thighs, tummy, buttocks, hips, and arms. The perfect candidate for the procedure would be people within 30-40% of their normal body weight.

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Depending on the overall fitness and the requirement of the individual, the procedure may be needed multiple times to cover all areas. The doctor will discuss all the details of the process with the patients before going forward. The impassive body regions that are immune to diet and exercise can be targeted with these methods.

Methods and Recovery

The most common method employed for body contouring is Liposuction. Worldwide the use of liposuction to get rid some nasty fat cells around various body parts has been on the rise. Also known as lipoplasty, this method needs small incisions to be done in the areas from where the fat tissues are to be extracted. They are also used to lift the sagging skin in the body which may happen due to aging or other reason. Depending on the case, the surgeon prescribes local or general anesthesia to be used. Even then the procedure is completed in a day’s time and the patient is free to go home the same day.

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With such an intensive procedure there is always the chance of a few complications being involved like any other incisive medical procedure. So, it is always advisable to understand the inherent risks and complications involved before proceeding with any methods. Liposuction may provide well shaped body for many, but there is some risk that runs along with the process like infections, embolism, seroma, nerve compression etc.

A Healthy Alternative- Vanquish

When there is a healthy alternative made available for the individuals to get the desired body shape via Vanquish, then why worry about any surgical complications at all. Designed by BTL, renowned medical equipment developers, Vanquish is a unique device which is contact-free and reduces fat in a completely non-invasive process. It has integrated all the necessary features that can possibly make Vanquish body contouring a totally secure option for every individual. The fact that many physicians have used it on their patients successfully and are willingly recommending it to other new ones tells volumes about the product.

The best part of the product is the way it removes the fat cells from the body. Vanquish device projects energy in the deep fat tissues which increases the heat in the region. Noteworthy is the fact that fat cells cannot sustain in high temperatures. Also significant is the ultimate design and working of the machine as it ensures that the thermal effect is conveyed to the desired area and won’t impact overlying skin or the adjacent muscles. The muscles and skin remain completely safe and only the fat content is removed during the treatment.

With the breakthrough technology using radio frequency, the Vanquish has come up as a healthy body contouring option for the millions of people who are aiming to get rid of those unwanted bulges. The reduced risk and positive results within the first few treatments make it a viable procedure for the individuals who are looking to avoid liposuction.

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